Sherin Wong

"I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate ... and I drink Champagne when I lose, to console myself"

My kind of perfect roast chicken. Charred.

Guacamole kinda Saturday. #guacamole

Happy birthday @yiulin !!! Always a blast w u gals! 😘💋❤️ @ivanna61080 @deborahenry @yiulin (at Mr. Brooks Bangsar Shopping Centre)

My biggest “Confetti Balloon” fan! @yiulin - photo credit @daniellepeitagraham 😘❤️💋

For the love of langsat. #lanzones #antioxidants #langsat

What better way to celebrate Malaysia Day but with our national food! Happy Malaysia Day! #nasilemak #malaysiaday

Presentation is everything. From food to drinks. #issayasiameseclub

And this is how Som Tam should be prepared n served! Best ever!! (at The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel)

What a great dining experience at Issaya Siamese Club ! #bangkok #issayasiameseclub (at Issaya Siamese Club)

With the lovely bride-to-be @elizabethshenlyn and my partner in crime @lexierodriguez ready for our BIG night out! 😘💋❤️ (at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok)